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FCCS Banking for U FAQs

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1. What is FCCS Banking for U?(Mobile Banking)

FCCS Banking for U is a service that allows you to access your accounts using your mobile phone. It’s a convenient, fast and secure environment where you can check your account balances and transaction history, transfer funds, *Pay anyone and pay bills using BPAY wherever you are, any time you want.

*Pay anyone allows you to make secure payments to anyone with just their mobile phone number or email address. If the person is not a member of FCCS they’ll receive an SMS or email notification from FCCS instructing them on how to claim the payment.

2. How does it work

FCCS Banking for U can be used from any mobile phone that has access to the Internet.

3. Is FCCS Banking for U secure?

Yes, FCCS Banking for U uses 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol encryption which is the same security and authentication as Internet Banking.

4. What is the difference between Internet Banking and FCCS Banking for U?

FCCS Banking for U is a feature of Internet Banking and provides access to your accounts on your mobile phone. Internet Banking is a practical way to access full banking services from your computer.

5. Who can use FCCS Banking for U?

FCCS Credit Union members registered for Internet Banking can use the FCCS Banking for U service.

6. How do I access FCCS Banking for U?

If you have an Android, Windows or IPhone you can access FCCS Banking for U by downloading our App from the Google Play store or iTunes App Store by searching ‘FCCS Banking for U.'

7. Do I have to register to be able to use FCCS Banking for U?

Once you are registered for Internet Banking, you can use FCCS Banking for U. To register for Internet Banking you can click on ‘Internet Banking’ from our home page and then click on ‘register’ and download the PDF, complete and return to FCCS.

8. Will FCCS Banking for U work on my phone?

To enable FCCS Banking for U you must have a mobile phone capable of accessing the internet. Check with your mobile phone provider whether your phone and/or plan enables access to the Internet.

9. What FCCS Banking for U Apps are available?

We have free FCCS Banking for U Apps available for iPhone, Android and Windows mobile phones.

The iPhone App is compatible with iOS 5.0 or later.

The Android App is compatible with Jellybean and Ice Cream Sandwich.

The Windows App is compatible with Windows 7.

10. Can I create a 4 digit access code?

You can create a 4 digit code when registering for mobile banking. This PIN number replaces your member number and access code when logging into FCCS Banking for U. Also, in settings you can turn this function off.

11. What services can I use with FCCS Banking for U?

With FCCS Banking for U, you can:

  • Check your account balances 
  • View your transaction history
  • Transfer money to and from your own accounts with FCCS
  • Transfer money to other memberships with FCCS
  • Transfer money to other financial institutions
  • Pay a bill using BPAY
  • Pay anyone
  • View interest earned on your accounts
  • Make enquiries on our products and services

12. What types of accounts can I access from FCCS Banking for U?

You can access any type of account you have access to Internet Banking.

13. How do alerts work?

Alerts are an advise you receive via SMS/email when a selected event occurs on your account ie payroll credit. Alerts must be set up in Internet Banking as follows:

  • Login into internet banking
  • Select the “other” tab
  • Select “alerts”
  • Select “new alerts”
  • Select account from the drop down box
  • Select “payroll alert” from the drop down box

14. How do I make transfers using FCCS Banking for U?

Simply login and select the ‘transfer’ function and the type of transfer you wish to perform.

15. How do I add or modify existing payee or biller details?

To delete or make changes to an existing payee or biller, you will need to log into Internet Banking

16. How do I modify a recurring or future dated payment?

To delete or modify a recurring or future dated payment, you will need to log into Internet Banking.

17. What does the processing screen mean?

The processing screen will display after you make a selection in FCCS Banking for U. While this screen is displayed, your request is loading in the background.

18. How can I use FCCS Banking for U to pay my bills?

You can use FCCS Banking for U to pay your bills using BPAY to billers that you have paid before through Internet Banking. If you want to make a payment to a BPAY biller for the first time, it must be done through Internet Banking.

19. How do I print receipts using FCCS Banking for U?

IPhone devices do not allow printing. Save a screen shot of your payment receipt screen to your camera roll, and simply press the menu and the on/off button simultaneously. The current Internet Banking daily limits for transferring money externally still apply.

20. Can I access FCCS Banking for U if my account requires 2 to sign?

No. FCCS Banking for U does not support the functionality to enable 2 to sign access.

21. Can I access FCCS Banking for U overseas?

If you travel outside Australia you may still have access to FCCS Banking for U service. You should check with your telephone communications provider whether your mobile phone will be able to use relevant networks in countries in which you are travelling. Additional charges for international roaming may apply.

22. What if I lose my mobile phone, is my information secure?

Yes. When you finish banking through FCCS Banking for U, you logout by exiting the system. None of the information accessed through FCCS Banking for U will be saved on your mobile phone. Do not save your Internet Banking password on your mobile browser in case of loss or theft on your mobile phone.

23. Can I register more than one member to the same smart phone?

The PIN and Device security feature only allows one member to register to a device. A member can register with many devices but there can only be one member registered to a single device.

24. Is there any monthly or yearly limit of access to FCCS Banking for U on my phone?

No monthly or yearly limit applies.

25. How do I logout of FCCS Banking for U?

Closing the app will log you out of FCCS Banking for U

26. Can I change the account used for the Auto Display Account Balance?

Yes. You will need to log into our internet banking web site go to the ‘Other’ tab. Click on ‘Customise’. Then select the last option ‘To select which account is to be displayed by default in Mobile Banking click here’. Then just simply select the main account you want to display.


If you have any questions, please contact us.