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Telegraphic Transfers

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A telegraphic transfer is an electronic credit of funds into an overseas bank account.

Transfers are available in a wide range of currencies. When a transfer is sent, a network of banks is used to process the transaction. If the funds are needed urgently, a telegraphic transfer is normally your best money transfer option.

  • Available in a wide range of currencies 
  • Quick and easy

FCCS take their Anti Money Laundering & Counter Terrorism responsibilities very seriously. As a result, you must provide us with an address of the sender and receiver of your transfer, as well as all the account details you want to send the funds to. A new requirement is that, for all transfers to European countries, you must tell us the IBAN (International Bank Account Number) of the receiver.

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Disclaimer: FCCS acts as an agent for Western Union Business Solutions (Australia) Pty Ltd ABN 24 150 129 749 AFSL 40409, trading as Western Union Business Solutions ("WUBS)".