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Savings / Investments

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FCCS offers a range of savings and investment accounts specifically designed to meet the needs of its members. For your convenience, payroll deductions or other income may be credited directly to your savings account - or split between several accounts.

Choose from one of the following accounts:

Total access account

Access to your money 24 hours a day through our wide range of access facilities.
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Online Saver Account

A high interest saver that provides 24x7 access to your money via Internet & Phone.
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Redi-Access Account

If you do not require a cheque book but would like card access this is the account for you.
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iSaver Account

An internet only account that pays a high rate of interest. Meet the criteria and a bonus will be payable!
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YAS! Young Achiever Account

Teaching your children good savings habits.
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Seniors Saver Account

A high interest account for those members who receive a pension or have a seniors card.
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Achieve Saver Account

This account is ideal for the short term investor saving for a special purpose.
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Access Savers Account

A high interest account with funds available at 24 hours notice.
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Early Bird Christmas Club Account

Funds available from November to remove the temptation of spending prior to Christmas.
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Superfund Maximiser Account

Manage your own super with our specially managed savings account for DIY and self-managed super funds.
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Regular Income Account

Regular monthly interest rather than interest paid on the maturity of your investment.
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Term Deposits

An excellent return for those who don't require access to their funds for at least 3 months.
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